“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work”.
- Colin Powell

Here the process begins.  If you can’t dream, you can’t design.  If you can’t design you can’t build;  It all starts with the dream. 

AquaDREAMS was founded in 2015 by Ryan Kore.  A 17 year veteran of the swimming pool industry and owner of POOLBUSTERS located in Fonthill, ON. Originally owned by John Kore, POOLBUSTERS was passed to Ryan upon John’s retirement in 2010 and remains a family business today. With a vast experience in the industry Ryan yearned for projects that pushed the limits.  Never being one to accept that something cannot be done the innovations seen in Ryan’s pool projects have spread industry wide.

Go through the Yellowpages, log into Kijiji, call a friend and you’ll find a number of individuals and companies that can build a swimming pool. What AquaDREAMS offers is not found elsewhere. We don’t build swimming pools, we build Swimscapes. An extension of your property and your personal taste. 

Utilizing the latest in technology and build techniques these visions come to reality in each of our custom projects. We literally take you swimming before the project even breaks ground by rendering a 3D model of each design.  But that’s Design; lets get back to the DREAM.

You’re a selective person.  Your taste is evident in your lifestyle and what you want is a pool that reflects that.  AquaDREAMS can make your dream a reality.



Phone: 905-347-2535
Email: info@aquadreams.ca

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